blurred lines.

poetry challenge 10 July 2013.

i requested fellow poets to join me on a poetry challenge. the rules were simple: write a poem or piece of prose that must include the line …kissed by the lapping of the waves.

i was humbled by how many took me up on the experience and i have created a page for highlighting such exceptional talent.



Megan Kay

Stephen Richards


Genevieve Dewey

Orgasmic Angel

Clara Holden

Caroline Juliette


SA MacNeil

Lisa Fulham

Mr. Insatiable

Gemini Derbyshire

Joseph McNamara


Magento Nero

Gel Mariano

PJ Bayliss

Benjamin Prewitt

Darwin Blake

b.l. ronan

19 thoughts on “blurred lines.

  1. I was so honoured to be asked to take part in this, thank you so much Beth for taking the time and trouble to organise all of it!

    There are some truly gifted people featured here and the magnificent work they’ve submitted is a joy to read.

    I’m humbled to be seen amongst such greatness.

    Thank you Beth!


  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate, but it seems you were inundated with poetry, and I’m just an amateur compared to these people.🙂

    What started with 5 people sure did blossom into a whole dang bunch! Congrats on getting that many people to do it and on time!

    I expected the poetry to be wonderful, but it was amazingly superb, and honestly I can’t think of the words to express how awesome it truly was…thank you all for sharing!


  3. Thank You so much Beth for the opportunity to participate here. I truly enjoyed the experience and now have some wonderful reading to do here… 🌟

    And thank you for all your work in bringing this to fruition for us all… *smiles* and *hugs* ✨

  4. I am so humbled & honored to be a part of this group. Everyone submitted such wonderful pieces, each with their own beauty. Thank you so much for organizing this & taking the time to share.

  5. Wow.. Amazing works and an honor to be a part of.
    Thank you Beth for the time and energy you put into this to make it happen, and for inviting me to be a part of it… Xxx

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