the forgotten.

she sits toes dipped into the chilled surface of a time long forgotten. it is a place foggy with ghosts and the weight of ill-formed dreams. she comes here to remember the glorious pain that remains for those left behind. it is where her unspoken heart is heard despite its paralyzed tongue. here she can […]

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and yet.

there is a reticent hum of anxiousness as the hands of time are forever ticking away. it passes all too quickly and yet, i seem to be waiting impatiently for the fateful hour to inevitably come. prayers lay crucified on a heart not long for hopelessness; but on the cusp of wistful romanticism, the willful […]

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forlorn sails billow in the turbulent breeze, casting my missaligned vessel farther astray. i am adrift in the openness of nothing and its pervasive expanse as i wile away in the acrid burn of one unwavering star. tears scream from the hollow embers of a body replete of longing and unhindered laughter. a love for […]

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growing pains.

writing like any artform is honed and crafted under the harsh learning curve of experience. we, as story weavers, are human and therefore infinitely fallible – myself most included. i am continually striving to be better and grow under the pains of improvement but i am most certain to stumble along the way. i did […]

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le rouge. : release

i cannot believe it!!! le rouge is now available for purchase. i am ecstatic and hope that you will find great enjoyment in the depths of her pages.  amazon / amazon uk  also available in other countries (check your local site!) i could absolutely cry at the immensity of such a precious day and in […]

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breaths are lost in the rapid syncopation of heartbeats. all is forgotten in the imminence of such treasured renewal. hard-won labour stained in saline and metal coats a tongue desperate to once more give voice. words die as the cuckoo chimes and the very world stutters to a complete stop. hypersensitized awareness brings clarity with […]

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dared : a tritina.

theirs is an unparalleled attraction burning in the flames of passion and promise – marking a beginning, if they but dared. an untold story lies within the truth if they only dared. for love will blossom in the honesty of attraction as shadowed scars mend in the glow of such promise. splintered souls now find […]

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sleepless nights.

hello my lovelies! i have had such trouble sleeping as my publication date looms just on the horizon. and after such a long and painful wait, i can hardly believe tomorrow is finally just around the corner. i am equally excited and nail-bitingly nervous to share le rouge, finally, with the rest of the world! […]

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the hour chimes as the whistle blows corraling the wearied for the closing of a long, blistering day. the sun burns unheeded by the swaying clouds and the wind does little to parch dry throats or overheated skin. freckles dance across sun-kissed cheeks as breaths labour in the all-oppressive heat. nothing stirs in the latent […]

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fingers dance delicately across ivory keys as the softness of the storm builds. it is a lullaby of awakening as death clings just beyond the door. heartbeats crescendo in syncopation with the drums of war pulsating behind the shadowed pane. the veil grows thin and the curtain ripples as heaven harkens and hell beats upon […]

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